Roser Group is a group of companies that are completely dedicated to the agro-alimentary sector, in particular that of the meat industry. Remaining true to the philosophy instilled by our founder Mr. Jaime Roser, our company is based on the values we are committed to: courage, enthusiasm, honesty, compromise, sacrifice and perseverance. This is the way we work on a daily basis, combining experience and inventive to reach the goal of our success: Innovation.
The foundations of our developments are based on the hygienic and ergonomic design of all our equipment. By making the most of our leading position within the Hygiene Technology sector, we guarantee the compliance of the strictest of rules contained in the Food Industry. All our machinery is designed and built under this premise, being easy to both operate and clean.

Our love for things well done is the foundation of our philosophy, and this is how the quality of our products and services is born. We understand this from the moment we participate in our client’s needs, up to the point when their project becomes a reality. Assessment, design, production, customer service and post-sales service, are all part of what we understand as being quality.

Provision and customer service are our priority and we are renowned for our prompt availability in as far as technicians and spare parts are concerned. We, as are our commercial partners, are at your disposition across the five continents.
Hygiene solutions for the food industry.
Brine injectors Cutting lines and handling equipment. Meat processing lines. Projects and installations for the meat industry

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