Cod. RC00002600

SANI-PASS ©, SANI-PASS ©, Protection for your employees and clients through an hygiene control access pass. This equipment is characterized for using an hydroalcoholic dermal disinfection gel hand sanitizer dispenser, a shoe sole sanitizer carpet, temperature control, people counter and single use surgical glove dispenser as optional.

The access control has different pre-set configurations.

- Hand disinfection.
- Temperature control.
- Mask detection.
- Facial recognition.

SANI-PASS ©. Adapted for disabled people and children above 1 meter height. It also allows a modular capacity management control configuration.

Shoe sole disinfection:
Automatic hydro-alcoholic sanitizer impregnated blue carpet for shoe sanitation.
Surplus sanitizer absorbent grey carpet.

Hand disinfection is made through an automatic hand sanitizer dosification system.

* Optional

*Biometric WIFI terminal:
- Facial recognition
- Temperature control
- Mask detection
- NFC reader.
*People counter.


• AISI 304 Stainless Steel construction.
• Heavy duty design.
• Adapted for disabled people, with a 90cm wide access.
• Automatic hand disinfection trough an hydroalcoholic dermal gel sanitizer.
• Hinged doors made of 10mm Security glass, with anti-crush system.
• Anti-vandalic protection.
• More tan 6.000 applications with a single fill.
• Process confirmation by LED indicators.
• Electric power supply : 220V.

All models available for: Built-in models under request Adapting the attendance control system of the factory Connecting to a chemical and detergent centralized network
  • SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
  • SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
  • SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
  • SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
  • SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600

TECHNIC: Cod. RC00002600

SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
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